8 thoughts on “25 Minutes of Buff3y Going On About His Ride Through Bolivia

  • WOW again!! Rags to riches in many more ways than one it would seem.. Great photos too. Forgot to watch the video…back soon

  • WOW WOW and WOW..!! The unsynchronised swimming I mean.. Ill have to mark you down for not holding that smile the whole time you were actually under the water and the lack of other swimmers to synchronise with…but otherwise good artistic expression.
    No really- amazing video and scenery and outstanding effort – left me empathising for that spa bath too.

  • Bob you are amazing. I mean – forget the cycling dude – never your sport – but the unsynchronised swimming. Wow. Why weren’t you in London for the Games?

  • Bob, swimming in lama poo, frozen coke Boliva style (!) and riding through sand dunes/salt plains….what next? I for one, can’t wait!

  • Hi Bob, Loved the synchronised swimming- hilarious – strong undertones of prior skills exhibited on the Workies dance floor many years prior!!! 10 out of 10!!!
    Seriously , what an incredible journey- absolutely amazing!

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