Buff3y the Hard-Core Adventure Cyclist started his cycling career after attending the Wallerawang Theological Community College for the Intellectually Inconsistent (WTCCII). Soon after his expulsion he left Australia and pedaled off through southern China, Tibet, Nepal and India (1995). Having contracted the taste for touring cycling, he established himself as a global adventure cyclist by biking from Holland to India (1997) via the former Soviet Union CIS states and Western China. After a 14 year period to recover from this exertion, he cycled the length of the Americas (Dead Horse Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina) in 2011-12. In 2019 he then cycled the Rocky Mountains, from Tuktoyaktuk at top of the Demster Hwy in Canada down to New Orleans USA.

In 2021 he is off on the long road again…

All postings on this blog represent the ponderings of a touring cyclist who is probably exhausted, conceivably sun-struck, often drunk and definitely losing a lot of his marbles out there on the road, or all of the above simultaneously. If you are offended by any of the commentary or just find it tedious, boring and no doubt in places self-aggrandizing, then please go read another blog. Alternatively please address any complaints to http://www.dontreallygiveatoss.com and we will look into it at some point in the nebulous future, but probably not.

This travel in many parts of the works is not sponsored by any person or company, so you can believe the equipment reviews. There is no money raising going on for any charity or other organisation although if, for no readily apparent reason, you want to send me money, precious articles or perhaps offer up sexual favours en-route, please feel free. It is bicycle travel for the sake of bicycle travel.

All of the material on this blog including but not limited to all of the nonsensical text in the postings, songs, videos and photos of my feet and me on a bike etc are copyright to Buff3ysbicyclingblog.

12 thoughts on “About

  • Hey Buff,Now I have read the whole blog , it’s absolutely brilliant and very funny, I sent the blog link to my brother and he loved it so did Pete and his wife Joan who were having dinner with my brother and his wife , looks like you are going to have a good British following ! Hope all is going well and that the new mud guards are performing as expected. Sorry to have bored you with my massive amount if gibbering about wot my plan was….! Great to have met you pal and hope to see you again down the road look after yourself . Rob

  • Hi Buffy,

    Was great meeting you yesterday on Ruta 40. As I said, the first touring cyclist I had met in the three months that I have been on the road in South America. I trust you made good use of the tail wind – I might have been going downhill to Cafayate, but may as well been on a serious climb for all the effort required!

    Cracking blog, have gained much satisfaction that there are other people out there doing such trips for themselves rather than at the beck and call of a sponsor or some apparent ‘significant cause to humanity’! You were not half wrong about he quality of plonk in Cafayate – as such I have had to stay an extra day to recover from the required sampling!

    Hope you keep your remaining gears and get to Ushuaia safely.

    Kind regards

    Clayton Burne
    (The Saffa Bird watcher)

    • Hi Clayton. Good to meet you too. The wind was good up until about 40km from Belen when it all got a bit ugly. Am heading south for Mendoza now. Yep, Cafayate was a lovely little spot. I’ll send through some information on the Bolivia leg – enjoy.

  • Hi Buffy,

    Wind, a four letter word easily thought of in other 4 letter terms! Got bulldozed after leaving Cafayate towards Salta – clean blown off the bike in the tight valleys. The Bolivian info would be very much appreciated. Am waiting for a decent internet connection to watch your video on the subject. Enjoy Mendoza, I understand it to be a particularly beautiful area. Enjoy Patagonia,

    Kind regards

  • Hi mate,

    I was one of the Aussie blokes who gave you water in the desert in Argentina, near Catua. Good to hear you’re still safe – we were particularly worried when that 200km/hour zonda kicked in!!! Nearly blow our car off the road coming out of Susques, so heaven knows what it was like on a bike.
    In fact I was coming back from a wine tour in Cafayate about five days later, and I’m sure I saw you on the bike cruising in the Quebrada de Cafayate. I told our bus driver (a gaucho) your story, and he was amazed. Keep up the good work mate and best of luck for the rest of the trip.
    – Luke (Surry Hills)

    • Hi Luke. Right on both counts I think. That would have been me in the Quebrada de Cafayate and yep, I got wind blasted to hell and back on the road from the border towards Salta – a sand storm the likes of which I haven’t seen before. Have now made it to Mendoza now and sampling the wine too. p.s. thanks for the water.

  • Amazing…!! You are a example of grit, determination, and world spirit…..good bloody on ya.
    questions…how many tires have you run through, and what type is the best for all the roads you have been on?
    Is that the same bike or have you gone through a few now..? Also, what type of bike would your suggest would be the best…..mountain cross, or road, front suspension, full, fat tires, slim road……?
    What camera are you using to shoot your stills and video, and any issues with battery charging..?

    • Hi Paul. A few responses for you.
      Tires? One set. Schwalbe mondial marathons. Rarely puncture.
      Bike? Co-motion Pangea. Same bike as for the Americas trip. Go to Co-motion.com Touring bikes are a specific geometry but somewhere between a mountain and the road bike.
      Suspension? No need for front suspension (just another thing that can go wrong).
      Camera? FujiFilm mirrorless XT-3. Mirrorles has fewer moving parts.
      Battery charging? Off the bike dynamo. Check the equipment listing.

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