Buff3y To Take On New Zealand in ‘Buff to The Bluff’ Ride.

We have just received confirmation from the World Solo Bicycle Touring Confederation spokesperson that Buff3y The Hard-Core Solo Adventure Cyclist will be heading off to Cape Reinga, the northern-most point of New Zealand in September and cycling south to Bluff at the base of the Southern Island (*Aust/NZ Covid travel bubble allowing). So ‘Buff to The Bluff‘ is born. O.K. so the haters out there are going to say that a 3,000km ride is not so long when set against Buff3y’s 27,000km solo domination of the Americas in 2011-12 or even his 8,000km heroics through the length of the north American Rockies in 2019, but screw them. They are always trying to bring Buff3y and Taylor down as we are in the public eye, but we will shake it off.

Further news is on the way regarding camp cooking recipes and equipment details.

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