Oklahoma and Texas

A bit of a culinary theme this time as there are some real highs and daunting lows on the long-road heading south out of Dodge City in Kansas. It is time to brave the fast food heading south out of Kansas and cruise down off the high-plain along the straight secondary roads into Oklahoma and on into Eastern Texas.

Dodge City has a museum with loads of rifles and various other artifacts along-side a tacky little grave yard and the usual array of fast-food outlets.

Yes kids, 5,000 years ago Noah rode his Stegosaurus from Camelot to Oklahoma and started our church. Everyone else’s ideas are just silly.

A proper steak in Dodge City. Whiskey and a lovely beer chaser. Been a search for a good steak oddly.

One of the lows. Out on the long-road there is not always a lot of choice and the gas-station hotdog only just qualifies as food. No one has been able to adequately establish just what they are of course, but rest assured it is nothing good.

Had this one including ‘brisket’ in a town that I just cannot remember (they do start to look the same after a while – a Motel 6, Dollar General, Walmart, Gas-Station…)

Head into Waffle House for a major hash-brown experience that is great cycling sustenance.

Mind you, here at a truck stop on the outskirts of Oklahoma City the staff members are getting paid US$2.92 an hour there so better leave a decent tip.

Not sure why it is that the vast bulk of coffee along the long-road is sickly sweet caramel goo. No, even Starbucks are not out there on the more remote reaches of the long-road!

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