End of the Alcan Hwy

Well, years ago the Alcan Highway might have been a romantic route with wild and wonderful obstacles for the traveler. Now, however, it is a modern road in a seemingly endless tunnel of trees. There is an echo of the gold rush era with the plethora of land leases on the lower reaches of the road inviting a new invasion of gas companies that are fracking away madly in an attempt to release north America from dependence of middle-eastern energy. I blast through the hastily cobbled together mining settlement of Wonowon and dodge the ubiquitous Ford F350s on my way through to the end of the highway at Dawson Creek.

All of the cheese here is orange here for some reason and no one seems to know what Tabasco sauce is. While these are minor concerns in the larger canvas of international bicycle touring they are disconcerting none-the-less. So British Colombia is now bicycled and the road south leads into Alberta.

Fort Nelson Camping near Prophet River 98km

Prophet River to Sikanni Chief Campsite 100km

Sikanni Chief Campsite to Inga Lake 116km

Inga Lake to Fort St. John 73km

Fort St. John to Dawson Creek 75km

4 thoughts on “End of the Alcan Hwy

  • I absolutely love the traditional, north Canadian soundtrack to the video. It brings me back, reminding me of all those tango-ing loggers I once spotted in Sikanni Chief.

    • Ah Ian. You are indeed an aficionado of the finest Latin American sounds. Joe Arroyo at the height of his powers deserves this recognition! Blasted 130km down the road today to Grande Prairie (which I am informed is the ice capital of Canada). A cycling (Buffaldium-infused) machine! Didn’t see Rob on the road.

  • Good going Buff. Tony and I arrived in Dawson Creek on July 3 and have now come back to Kelowna. Our distances were similar, however on we had a short day one day and stayed at the Summit Pass campground. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Cheers, Don and Tony

    • Hi Don and Tony. I got to DC the day before yesterday (so a day behind),. Stayed at Sikanni Cheif Camping in a lovely cabin and had a day of recovery in DC and blasted over the flats to Grande Prairie today. About half way to Denver now I estimate. Good to meet you on the long-road.

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