It’s great to see that people out there in the blogosphere still appear interested enough in the daring exploits of Buff3y The Hardcore Adventure Cyclist to be clicking on the blog despite it now having been three whole months since he concluded his conquering of The Americas.  I would stress here that I remain completely unwilling to concede that the recent blog hit statistics might be due to people searching for ‘pants’ or ‘mariachi’ and being misdirected to the blog of a touring cyclist. That just does not happen.

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  • Wooo mariachi pants! Wooo! Or sorry Buff in your now normal parlance: Wooo-eth – pantaloones sirrah dost t be-eth thee of the lute!

  • There are still cyclists out there trying to conquer their own version of the Americas. We constantly find ourselves retuning to your blog for route info and honestly a good laugh about the little things on the road that only a touring cyclist can relate to. I especially enjoyed your comment while sitting in a cafe in Cusco listening to prat tourists talk about how hard core they are carry water to hike the Matchu Pitchu trails… for these times when we are wondering why the hell we are still doing this we’d like to pass on a sincere ‘Thank-yo’ for always making us laugh. All the best.

    • Hi Mike and Karen. Glad you are enjoying the blog and that, against all expectation, it has finally become useful to someone. Send me an email any time you think that I might be able to provide info. Are you going to Bolivia? That was a highlight of my ride. If you are going there do let me know.

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