Am a little bit concerned at the lack of feedback at the moment and more specifically, the lack of gushing praise for my blog and bicycling. I can see that many many people are looking at the blog. You are not, however, adequately sharing the joy of the experience with the buff3ysbicyclingblog community. Therefore to assist in rectifying this short-coming, I have below provided some pointers on the type of comment that is required to help you along:

–       “Buff3y, you are truly remarkable! It is difficult to imagine how a human can ride a bicycle for such a vast distance and also produce such an entertaining blog at the same time.”

–       “Buff3y, we love you!”

–       “Buff3y, you look so trim and fit and could be 25 years old”

33 thoughts on “Comments

  • Buff3y, you are truly remarkable! It is difficult to imagine how a human can ride a bicycle for such a vast distance and also produce such an entertaining blog at the same time. Particularly while carrying all those amazing xmas presents for us!

    • Hi Candice. Thanks for following instructions so perfectly. Others have strayed from the script with less successful results. Yes, carrying these damned ceramic garden ornaments is indeed heavy but all part of the challenge!

  • Dear correspo,
    Here’s my point of view about your concerns: i think that people like me are reading a lot of blogs on cyclists around the world and we forget about the huge effort you’re achieving while reading your post well installed in our couch, a glass of (choose your preferred) in the hand and a room at 21c…We just don’t realize the importance of feedback, i’m guilty, Mr Judge, BUT don’t under estimate the work you’re doing by writting these blogs, often they will inspire people like me to one day make the choice of adventure life over their day to day lives…and just for that, I thank you very much for having taking the time to put your journey in words and nice pics!
    BTW, how’re you doing with the XT, do you have to finish all the way down to Ushuaia with it?
    Québec City, Canada
    PS You are trully remar…amazing, mr 3ys 😉

    • Dear David, Thanks for such a well thought out and suitably gushing comment. I’m thinking of banning all of my readership from the blog, but you are safe.

  • Dear Buff3y
    Ask and you shall be given.
    I do enjoy your posts and would love to read a lot more of these outspoken marvels. But then, of course the time spent composing is time spent out of the saddle. And that wouldn’t do at all at all ;o)
    So, for my and your pleasure, keep riding & writing

    • Hi Kurt, Saw your blog. I got wind-blasted to hell and back on Paso Sico but I agree that the Salars were magnificent in Bolivia. On Coipasa the water was 6 inches deep and like riding across an ocean (one of my favourite days of hte trip.

  • Hola Buffy,
    we always look on your website and your pictures are amazing! Yeah maybe we will do a continue tour in a few years. Yesterday we showed our pictures from the trip on a public show. The people liked it and we too.
    All the best into wild and windy Patagonia, we often talk about the Halloween evening last year ; )
    Angela and Philipp

    • Hi Angela and Philipp. Halloween. Yes I have a very vague recollection. I just heard that Carl was injured in an accident (needed shoulder surgery I’m told but don’t know details – where/when/how etc) and he returned home. Felix pedals on and is just a couple of days south of me in Patagonia right now!

    • Hi Nikki. That’s the idea! I just wish there were more out there like you. You are safe from being banned from the blog too. (The Australian relations are on notice!)

  • This guy is crazy .. He even takes time to write fake comments under fake names on his own blog … Come on Buff3y … don’t you have 2’000 km more to ride before Ushuaia ?!??

    • Salut Éric,
      Je ne sais pas si tu parlais de mon commentaire en disant qu’il était ‘faké’ mais je veux te rassurer en te disant que je pensais vraiment ce que j’ai écrit et que je ne suis pas un ‘fake name’. Alors je te laisse ce ‘reply’ en français pour que tu puisses t’amuser à le traduire si tu ne le comprends pas…have fun!
      Le Vrai David B.
      Vraiment de La Ville de Québec, du plus que réel CANADA! 😉

      • Salut David,
        Je pense que Eric parle de me faire les commentaires suggérés à moi-même. Mais n’hésitez pas à donner Eric un moment difficile. Il mérite amplement de toute façon. He is bus riding through the Americas with a bus full of friends. Yours, Buff3y

      • Là je comprends!!! Je n’avais pas encore tous les commentaires fakés de Buff3y à Buff3y…décalage horaire, je suppose? Bravo pour ton français, je vais donc continuer à faire mes commentaires dans ma langue à l’avenir…pour qu’Éric ne puisse pas suivre nos conversations!
        Salut à tous!

        The Frenchman 🙂

      • C’est vrai, en français c’est plus facile, c’est d’ailleurs pour ça que j’écris tout notre blog dans cette langue 🙂
        Where are you now Buffy ? We are 100km from the end in Tolhuin. Sad feeling. I wish we did not take so much bus … But that’s it. for us. Don’t forget to stop where I write you from. Panaderia La Union in Tolhuin. It’s a casa de ciclista.
        Cheers mate.

  • Hey ! Are you the cyclist going through the Amercias with an authentic Australian hat ??? Heard about you near a billabong but couln’t believe such an amazing thing was possible… !!!

  • Can’t wait to see your pictures of you in Patagonia… It’s sooooo cold around here you will be able to wear your beautiful equatorian mask again …

  • Buff3y, you are truly remarkable! It is difficult to imagine how a human can ride a bicycle for such a vast distance and also produce such an entertaining blog at the same time

      • And Further Yet. Now the Corridors of Power in Samford Brisbane are aware of your amazing (yet insane) feats…
        Peter C (AKA AJ’s Brother)

      • Hello Peter C. There would appear be no corner of the planet that is immune to Buff3y’s influence. From Australia to Canada to UK, US and Patagonia the legend that is ….well…me…continues in its exponential expansion.

  • cycling is obviously very boring and leaves you with a lot of time to write fake comments. i’d like to know what performance-enhancing drugs you’re currently taking?

  • Dear buff3y,

    The problem is that when I last commented, I didn’t receive adequate feedback and praise from you for posting encouragement even though I’m a total stranger. Here are some ideas to help you out:

    “Dear David, Your comments are truly inspiring. It is for people like you that I do what I do. Go get ’em!”

    “Thank you so much, David, for your lovely sentiments. You must be a truly wonderful guy. If I were a girl, I’d want to marry you. In fact, scrap the ‘if I were a girl’ part.”

    “Dear David, I would like to fly you over to South America so that you can ride the last 10km with me. All expenses paid. After we arrive in Ushuaia we’ll fly to Tahiti for a week-long holiday. Let me know when you are free so I can adjust my schedule. I would also like to include you in my will.”

    Keep rollin’!


    • I’ll grant you David that yours is one of the more inventive comments received thus far and therefore worthy of special mention. You also qualify for a chance to win a set of steak knives at the end of the trip. Congratulations! (I’ll refer the flight request to the request assessment sub-committee, who – I fear – will feed it to the dog.)

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