Updated Equipment Listing

Am going completely over the top today in terms of enhancing the buff3ysbicyclingblog experience by also updating the Equipment List. Yes, for those of my readers with an interest in widgets and reasons as to why one would chose a Co-Motion bike over a Surly, a Rohloff hub over derailleur, a carbon belt drive over a chain, then this is the place for you. It’s riveting stuff for bike nerds so please enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Updated Equipment Listing

  • Buff I’m still confused as to why you’re not using at least a Jeg four-barrelled carbie. You know – along with the rest of the engine and what not.

  • So it’s been a while… I know…have been watching with enthusiasm, (periodically), with every best intention, I shall write. Alas, it’s taken until now. Prompted however, by an episode of Ice road truckers on Discovery, where for the second time ever I heard the name Deadhorse. A very distant distant memory Im sure but those roads that you started off on we’re just incredible having seen them now on wide screen tv. As for the rest, glad Santa came through and really enjoying all the pictures of Mexico.
    Looking Buff, Buffy… forget all these simple fitness and weight loss plans, all you need to do is cycle a few though sand miles and you’ll look awesome in no time.

    Keep up the amazing adventures, you much talked about if not written about…. well you’re talked about quite often….fairly often…

    Mima sends her love; I’ll be joining here in Fiji at the beginning or March so new start there. Stay safe Buffy….

  • supposed to be a few “thousand miles” not “sand miles”… all grammar and spelling courtesy of Apple Auto-Correct…..

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