Part Ten – Santa Barbara

“Me, I’m still on the road headin’ for another joint,

We always did feel the same

We just saw it from a different point… of view,

Tangled up in blue…” (Dylan)

Don’t panic! It’s not another one of my excruciating rhymes. This one is from Dylan (‘Tangled Up In Blue’ – Bob Dylan). Yes, I do appreciate that sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference. On Dylan, there is evidently some odd rabid hag running about claiming that Dylan didn’t pen original lyrics. What a ridiculous scrubber! It would be equally idiotic to critique Willie Shakespeare for lifting Henry 4-I, 4-II or 5 or Lear. (By the way I had a take a look at the movie Anonymous the other day and it – a bit silly and not very pretty).

Well your humble correspondent is, “headin’ for another joint”, and another, and another. We head now into southern California careening southwards along the coastal highways and rapidly approaching the end of the USA west coast. Will Buff3y go on? Can he somehow endure more hard travellaiin? Will he cast of the hard carapace of the adventure cyclist and go soft by returning to civilian life? Could he possibly abandon his new-found adoring public, especially given that since San Francisco an additional 1.75 people have subscribed to this site? Not on your Nelly! I am very happy to report, therefore,  to all 5.75 of my followers on this Blog that the current intention is very much to push the hardcore envelope into South America. We roll on, literally and figuratively.

Cycling lads in San Francisco

13th November (Montara – Santa Cruz) (61  Miles)

14th November (Santa Cruz – Monteray) ( 48 Miles)

The aquarium in Monteray is a wondrous wonderous place and well worth a few hours. All manner of beastie is on display there, the highlights being the jelly fish and the seahorses. They conduct lots of research and rehabilitate orphan creatures. See the video of a shark that has been rescued after being flattened by a bulldozer.

15th November (Monteray – Big Sur) (52 Miles)

Fantastic scenery all the way through Big Sur and one or two big rises. In response to the myriad requests for more pictures of my bike, here is another. It is truly a thing of rare and wondrous beauty, now boasting its new mud guards that glisten in the afternoon sun.

Bike at Big Sur Point

16th November (Big Sur – San Simeon) (73 miles)

Was blasting over the coastal hills south of Big Sur. Not a camp site nor motel so had to keep going into the dusk to get to Sam Simeon. Just north pf San Sameon, however, there is a beach with a large bunch of Elephant seals, all laying – farting – fighting – plooking away merrily (see video).

17th November (San Simeon – Oceano) (55 miles)

18th November (Oceano – Solvang) (60 miles)

The tourist trap of Solvang is a little bit of Denmark that has been given the Disneyland treatment and stuffed just north of Santa Barbara. Here, along with enjoying the most expensive caramel toffee apple in the history of the world, Buff3ysbicyclingblog can here answer one of those enduring questions of guard duty. Its all a trick! The guards don’t actually wear their uniforms; they merely stand behind a painted effigy of a uniform. The scam is here exposed by your humble correspondent out in front of my motel. In its defense of the place, this town did have the loveliest pastries imaginable. The good people of Solvang should just be thankful that someone is willing to stand on that wall.

guarding the Motel
More Guarding

19th November ( Sovang -Santa Barbara) (30 miles)

A lovely rise of 2,100 ft and an even lovelier 8 miles blast into Santa Barbara where I will rest for a day or so.

20th – 21st November (Santa Barbara)

Now, this blog has, in the recent past gone into bat for the fashionistas of North America (‘In Defense of The Pant’ – Vancouver Posting). Here at Buff3ysbicyclingblog we like to keep our fingers right on the pulse of fashion trends. Being the epitome of sartorial elegance on the bike, we feel amply qualified and therefore justified in making disparaging remarks on what others are wearing. It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that in Santa Barbara is in the grip of am Ugg Boot, Wellies and Head Muff plague.

Ugg Boots Santa Barbara
Leg Crime

Now this is just a leg crime! What was she thinking? Its simply indefensible. It is, however, getting a bit weird (not to say a bit risky) to continue roving the streets taking pictures of women’s legs, (especially with the intention of ridiculing them) so will revert to shooting pre-crime photos. People are actually mixing and matching their leggings, head things, wellies, and Ugg boots (see below). If one were in Brisbane and witness these atrocities then that would be one thing, but surely not here in such a sophisticated fashion hub and the home of beach volleyball!

Am off tonight to see Blue Man Group. Will report back.

Head Thing
Santa Barbara Welly

2 thoughts on “Part Ten – Santa Barbara

  • I believe Leg Crime is a serious issue. Not for the fact that Ugg Boots are a cold sore on the face of good foot fashion, but for the fact I saw a man (a seemingly harcore man at first) wearing them in the supermarket in Santa Barbara. I admire you in highlighting this problem Buff3ster!

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