San Francisco

Dramatic vision of Buff3y’s entry to San Francisco. The first time in recorded history that a hardcore touring cyclist has completed the journey from Deadhorse to San Francisco [*with a belt drive and Rohloff Speed Hub bike] – [maybe].

(Will provide the San Francisco posting in all of its glory, exaggerated tales of daring-do including those rare insights into the human condition that visitors to buff3ysbicyclingblog have come to expect when I could be arsed writing it.)

3 thoughts on “San Francisco

  • Nice work Roberto “bloody brilliant”. Well done! Looks horrible and cold! You want to be in the Pacific! So what now? Amazing job, you must be super skinny? How many children have you fathered along the way?

    • Hi Jemima. I am indeed great and have indeed regained the svelte appearance and chiseled abs of my youth. Various paternity claims still pending I cannot comment on current legal actions.

  • wow bob! looks like fun! am sure you have settled in nicely with the local sanfran menfolk. bet you got those red undies working overtime. If your heading past Carmel, say gday to clint. had a nice chat to him last time i was there.

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