Deadhorse Alaska

I’ve arrived in Deadhorse by air from Seattle via Anchorage.  Self, bike and gear arrived with no drama. The Prudhoe Bay Hotel is ostensibly accommodation for the oil workers associated with the Trans-Alaskan oil pipeline. Deadhorse, while romantically named, is a series of sheds, shipping containers and 450 Ford 4WDs. The hotel has all the conveniences (CNN, ATM, donuts, twinkies) and is handily ‘all you can eat’ so am carb-loading as I enter this log.  The bike (attached) is  now assembled and is a thing of rare and wondrous beauty.  Co-Motion in Oregon have done a marvelous job on the bike (thanks Zach and Teryk).  Will take a day or so to tweak settings, sort out gear and explore the wonders of Deadhorse. Already shedding excess gear/weight.