Tierra Del Fuego

Tierra Del Fuego fence

The sign requests us to protect it, but what the hell is the endangered split-headed-beavertail -asaurus?!
The sign requests us to protect it. But what the hell is this endangered split-headed-beavertail -asaurus?!
Yes these are lifesized green toy soldiers taking the Maldivas.
Yes, these are life-sized green toy soldiers retaking the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands)!









Windy Sign


Buff3y The Hardcore Adventure Cyclist, having just conquered all of the South American mainland is now forging his way across Tierra Del Fuego towards this ride’s end point at the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia.

Now with only a few days until I arrive in Ushuaia it is curious how the notion that the ride will very shortly be finished is simply not computing. Two days and then no more riding!? How can this be? I’ve been packing pannier bags in the morning and heading out onto the long road for so long now that it just seems silly that this will soon end.

What does one do when there is no more road south? How do you wake up and then go about a beige life without the wind blasting in your face? Without the need to curse or praise Stribog? Well I suppose I’m about the find out.

Two days from now I will go from being the hardcore solo adventure cyclist to merely being just another passenger; a passive beige automaton in the boring flow of commuting towards a grave.

I will be (reluctantly) transformed from one who has enjoyed all the freedom to go, to stop whenever I felt like it. From someone who has suffered every mood of the weather and enjoyed all of the road’s joys, pains and fears, to one who sees the world flash past a window frame, ignorant of gradient, wind, rain, surface, aching muscles etc etc.

I won’t be earning destinations – I’ll just arrive. I’ll be informed when I’m allowed to board. I’ll be offered tea or coffee. I’ll be told when I can and cannot use the toilet. When all I wish to do is ‘disembark’ like a civilised human being some idiot will no doubt gratingly inform me to “de-plane”, as if one can seriously “de-car” or “de-bike”. Great galloping gods! In essence, I will go from being free to no longer being so. Bugger it.

Somewhat incongruously set against that sobering thought, I’m really looking forward to finishing. I’ve cycled every kilometre of land between Deadhorse Alaska to this point and, quite frankly, I’m a bit tired. Theatrical writing theory tells us that you need to tell the audience anything that really matters at least three times …so let me reiterate: I have cycled every kilometre south from Deadhorse Alaska to this point that is about 220km from the southern most point of the Pan-American Highway. So, just to be clear, I have cycled every kilometre south from Deadhorse Alaska through Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Haven’t added all of those kilometres up as yet but will do so soon. Suffice to say here that its a lot! […it is 27,000km]

Anyway. On-on and twice more unto the bike I go dear friends to reach the end point. Will communicate again from Ushuaia in a few days.

11 thoughts on “Tierra Del Fuego

  • Hey! Looking for some more adventure on your bike, just want to tell you that a guy from Quebec made the four points of Americas last year, so he added the western most in Alaska and Eastern most in Brazil, all in exactly one year and with 190 km per day of the year, 206+- km per biking day and 69300 km total all alone without any team. Rémi Lafrenière is his name and is next project is to bring his bike on top of one Himalayan mountain…Cho Oyu, 8201m!
    But for now, it’s you the real hardcore guy and I congratulate you for what you achieved in the last year and a half…Keep us to date with your next adventure!
    Thanks for the entertaining blog!

  • Nueva Buffy??!! What next? I can’t see trundling up the mountain to Blackheath will have the same sort of appeal.

    Time to get a hair cut and job fella! Ohh, and happy birthday!

  • Don’t stop buffy don’t stop………turn that bike around and go north as far as the road goes, you know you have to, there is nothing for you here in this biege disappointing world


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