Part Thirty Four – Medellin Salsamatic

I have received a number of notes expressing concern over the lack of postings in the last couple of weeks so this posting is to put your collective minds at rest. Please be assured that I am still alive and in Colombia having spent some time in Medellin.

Far from spending all of his time loafing around the many bars of Parque Lleras in the central restaurant / bar district throwing down endless shots of the local absinthe variant and beer chasers,  [well, in truth doing a good bit of that]…your correspondent has also been working on his salsa moves. Now, it’s not easy for your average gringo to overcome a propensity to hop around the dance floor like some highly strung robot and slip into the Colombian salsa groove. This makes it all the more amazing that Buff3y was able to leap from the bicycle and onto the dance floor and in the process miraculously and instantaneously adopt the sensuous moves and sexily gyrating hips of a ‘Paisa‘ (a local of Medellin).

I was tempted not to post the footage of our dance class as it might raise the expectations of any prospective students to Baila-Latina to unreasonably high levels given that the salsa moves are so obviously groovy in the extreme. Yet Yamile seems somehow able to teach even the most incompetent tourist how to give it up on the dance floor.

Can’t remember the name of this maneuver but please don’t try this at home without strict supervision
With my infinitely patient Dance Instructor Yamile