Photos from the bicycle touring vault:

I’ve been scanning a bunch of old slide photographs and found some from bicycle trips in 1993 (China, Tibet, Nepal and India) and 1997 (Netherlands to India). Here are a few that I quite like:

In Lhasa, Tibet in 1993. Spent a couple of weeks there getting used to the altitude before the ride across the plateau (4,000m over four 5,000m+ passes)

Barren road across the Tibetan passes 1993.

Inside a Tibetan monastery.

This is the first bike I toured on. A Japanese ‘Cannondale’ knock-off, got me across the four 5,000m+ passes between Lhasa and Varanasi.

The mountain bike in Tibet 1993. The ride across the Tibetan plateau and down into Nepal and India. The derailleur snapped in two so did a good bit of it stuck in one gear (then chased down a Canadian chap who had a spare one in his pannier).

In Azerbaijan in 1997. Bike was a Bianchi road bike (with foam suspension on front). I had spray painted black and brown because the Turks convinced me that it would be stolen when I went into Georgia. It didn’t get stolen in Georgia.

I snapped this little girl off the back of the bike in Nepal in 1993; an explosion of green framing the girl’s face.

Road-scape in western China 1997.

Road-testing the horses at Kashgar market in far -western China. One of the great markets of the world for mine. These guys were just charging up and down to kick the tyres on a new horse.