Part Seventeen: Baja California Sur

 29th December (Guerrera Negro – San Ignacio) (145km)

Well, it finally happened. Your much set-upon correspondent finally fell off his bike today. I can’t for the life of me remember the last time I fell off a touring bike but this afternoon I went the proverbial ‘gutser down the hill’ in trying to avoid a truck.  I fell victim to the combination of an on–coming car, a truck coming from behind and a cyclist all looking to take up too little space over a narrow culvert at the bottom of a hill and there was only really ever going to be one outcome – the biker sliding off the road to avoid being side-swiped by the semi-trailer.  So off he heads down the embankment through the rocks and ends up on his bum in the dirt nursing some scrapes and bruises.  Bike happily undamaged.

After leaving Guerrera Negro this morning accomplished the sterling achievement of half a kilometer before getting a puncture.  Am happy to report that my technique for repairing punctures is improving.  The road thereafter was flat and the kilometers flew past thankfully as I had 150 to get through with only one town at 75km for food and water.

4WD on fire
Bike Gang

Just outside San Ignacio was heartened to see someone having a worse day than me as some poor sod watched his new 4WD going up in flames (refer photo).  Soon after I took this photo the fuel tank blew up and the whole vehicle was engulfed in flame.  This made me so happy that soon thereafter I celebrated by throwing a rock at an overly attentive dog and caught it flush in the midriff – occasioning a pained yelp –  very satisfying.

In San Ignacio met up with my bike gang (refer photo).  Unfortunately it has to be said that the little girl performed a handle bar twist with face plant into the road just prior to this photo being taken. She didn’t cry about it nor bleat on about her misfortune on her blog.  Truly hardcore.

Lake at San Ignacio
San Ignacio Church
Vulture on cactus

This is a lovely little oasis town (refer photo of spring lake).  It has a very nice church in the central square and the trees provide ample shade from the desert sun.  The locals are very laid back and friendly and the post-ride beer is cool and tasty.

30th December (San Ignacio – Mulege) (138km)

 31st December (Mulege – Loreto) (135km)

Loreto was a nice venue for new year’s eve. A Mexican dance party, a bar and then on to a night club. I’m reasonably confident that a good time was had. The end of three big day’s riding to get here and therefore a break here for a day or so.