Part Thirty One – Sailing from Panama to Colombia

Bike strapped to catamaran

San Blas Islands lady
Kids on San Blas islands

The good ship ‘Fritz The Cat’ (a 15 metre sailing catamaran) provided the transport between the Panamanian port of Portobelo and Cartagena in Colombia. The trip was five days of sailing, the three of which were cruising through the idyllic San Blas Islands. After that it was a case of setting the course at 78 degrees east-nor-east and heading across the corner of The Caribbean for two days to the northern coast of Colombia. It was a lovely relaxing five days off the bike which is strapped to the deck collecting rust for the duration. I managed to make it to Cartagena without losing a lunch so happy with that. OK, the boat was a bit rough and ready and some of the peripheral equipment (eg. sails and motors) had a few performance issues along the way but the vessel is as tough as nails and everything was held together somehow by Fritz and his hard-working First-mate Jose. Photos of boat trip attached.

I’m now actually north of Panama but on the South American continent and will resume the ride south through Colombia and South America in about a week after a week or so sucking up the beauty of Cartagena (X number of photos of leafy wooden balconies and windows to follow).

Waves over the trampoline on cat
Colombian girl on Cat
The crew sleeping in the Saloon of 'Fritz The Cat'

San Blas Islands
Captain Buff3y takes control
Captain Fritz coming aboard
Snoozing post lunch - Pots of beany stuff were delicious
Modeling on Cat