Fame At Last!


Well well!  Having previously joked about this blog being “the fastest growing bicycling blog on the web” (when in reality only my mum and a couple of people mistakenly looking for vampire slayers were logging in), I might now have to reassess.

With the publication of a little article on the trip in some of the Australian media (link above), buff3ysbicyclingblog has just gone completely viral! If people are actually going to look at this blog I might have to sharpen up my act a bit, i.e. get serious and take some of the less than polite language and commentary out of the postings. Or not.

To celebrate my belated (but, of course, much deserved) elevation to the realm of bicycle-touring and international media super-stardom, I’ve finished off a little video clip. Given that I’m now in Colombia, I gave it a bit of the Latin rhythm treatment. See link below.

Production: Bob ‘Buff3y’ Stanley

Camera: Bob ‘Buff3y’ Stanley

Editing: Bob ‘Buff3y’ Stanley

Gripping: Bob ‘Buff3y’ Stanley

Bicycle riding: Bob ‘Buff3y’ Stanley

Music: Fruko & Sus Tesos playing ‘El Caminante‘ from Historio Musical de Fruko 1 [L@tina Music]